Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b, Episode 23

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Ruelle


Fractures – “It’s Alright”
Liz and Carter talk in the kitchen.

The Muscadettes – “I’m in Love”
Max and Taylor clean up Max’s apartment.

Fleurie ft. Ed Tullett – “Bloodline”
Max and Taylor talk about what they would do if Taylor got pregnant. Carter and Bird walk and talk about Seth’s death and a decision Bird has to make.

The Belle Comedians – “Rosy”
Max and his mom talk about bills.

Death Has No Dominion – “Coming Like A Hurricane”
Jared tells Carter he won’t turn Ben in.

Adam O’Neill – “Sunny Side of Town”
The group helps Bird come to a decision about her pregnancy.

Jasmine Ash – “What If”
Carter and Crash talk in the sunroom.

Randall Kent – “Going Home”
David and Ben talk at a coffee shop.

Robyn Sherwell – “Heart”
Carter and Lori drink tea and talk in the kitchen. Carter calls Jared to end their relationship.

Digital Daggers – “Save Us From Ourselves”
Max gets upset with his mom over spending money, and she storms out. Ben is arrested.

The Wealthy West – “That Silver Line”
Carter and Crash talk at a cafe.

Active Child – “Lazarus”
Carter visits Ben at a juvenile detention center.

Amber Run – “I Found”
Max and his mom talk on the couch.

Armon Jay – “Shine a Light”
Crash wants Max’s advice on dealing with Carter. Carter chats on the phone with Bird. Bird talks to Carter, Taylor & Gabe. Lori is distraught that she won’t get Ben back.

Ruelle – “Deep End”
Carter calls Jared out for being a liar and they argue. David worries that he’s missed his only chance to be a father to Ben. Crash calls Max because Carter is missing. Carter & Jared continue to fight. He pushes her down and knocks her out.

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