Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b, Episode 22

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Fleurie


Misterwives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song.

Angus Powell – “Hole in My Heart”
Carter and Jared talk about Seth and make a plan for talking to the cops.

Belle Mare – “Cicada”
The group comforts Bird

Crystal Places – “Till I Lay Me Down”
The group takes care of Bird, Carter defends Ben to Max. Carter confronts Ben about dealing.

Sarah Bethe Nelson – “Paying”
Jared and Carter talk at the bar about Seth and who’s responsible. The cops arrive.

Alex Rich – “Starlet”
Carter asks Jared if he told the cops on her, he denies it.

Boom Forest – “Silver Hair”
Max and Ben talk about Seth. Ben denies selling him the drugs.

Natalie Taylor – “Fight On”
Carter and Bird go through pictures of Seth, and Bird tells Carter who really sold them the drugs.

Ruelle – “Where Do We Go From Here”
Max and Carter drive away from the bar.

In Tall Buildings – “Unmistakable”
Max apologizes to Ben for misjudging him. They shake hands.

Fleurie – “Hymn”
Bird tells a secret to Carter and Taylor. In the morning, Carter heads out and Bird thanks her for staying. Carter looks at her phone in the car. Jared watches from across the street.

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