Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b, Episode 21

Finding Carter
Featured Artists: Colours


Misterwives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song.

Ivan & The Parazol – “Girl”
Carter and Jared make out in a stopped elevator. When the door opens, they find that a neighbor has been waiting.

Mixtape – “Last Dance”
Max plans to visit his Mom, hoping to convince her to move. Taylor plans to tag along.

Beach Party – “Geronimo”
Carter and Ben catch up over drinks at the bar.

Bad Bad Hats – “Midway”
Carter and Taylor catch up in Carter’s room while Carter packs clothes, and Taylor plays with the stack of money on the bed.

Above Envy – “Counting On Me”
Cater convinces Jared that a party in the church will be good. She ignores Elizabeth’s call.

We Are Messengers – “I Don’t Have The Answers”
Carter discovers a handgun in the dresser and confronts Jared about it.

Scavenger Hunt – “Wildfire”
Seth puts music on. Carter and Jared talk about their relationship in the doorframe and kiss. Max and Taylor arrive at Max’s mom’s house.

Crushed Out – “Weigh You Down”
Ben still is uncomfortable asking Lori about Olivia. Carter encourages him to do so.

Austin Bello – “Go For Golden Days”
Lori and Ben play a game of pool at the bar.

Fire The Animal – “Beasteater”
Ben, Carter and Lori play pool, Ben asks Lori about Olivia staying with them, but Lori can’t afford it. Carter offers to help.

Allman Brown – “Hollows”
Lori confides in Carter about her job situation. Carter offers to help her with Olivia. Liz comes to the bar. Jared goes over paperwork in his office.

Rivvrs – “I Want You”
Lori listens to music in the car before getting pulled over by Elizabeth.

Chick Norris – “Stick Up”
Partygoers arrive at the rave. Seth spins music from the center of the room. Carter talks on the phone in another room.

Five Knives – “Savages”
Carter and Elizabeth are on the phone. A crowd dances to music at the rave.  Carter catches Ben selling drugs and talks to him about Olivia.

Girl Shine – “No Way”
Bird shows Gabe and Damon pictures of her apartment at the rave while the crowd dances to the music.

Bill and Karen’s On Camera Performance – “Baby I Love Your Way”
Max’s mother and his estranged father sing the song while one strums along with the guitar in their home. Max realizes that his father is trying charm his way back into their family, and they get into a fight.

Skully Boyz – “Summer Party”
A crowd dances to music at the rave. Carter looks for Jared. Damon and Gabe talk at the bar. Rick warns Jared outside.

Colours – “Monster”
Rick tells Jared to pay $40K soon or else. Carter finds Jared has a gun on him. Bird needs help.

Golden State ft. Andrea – “Darkest Hour”
Jared tells a character to call 911 and tries to resuscitate Seth who is sick and convulsing at the rave. It’s too late.

Kyle Reynolds – “Move Me Like the Ocean”
Max and Taylor talk about Max’s dad and kiss. Grant joins Elizabeth sitting in Carter’s room to talk about Carter.

Fleurie – “Fire in My Bones”
Jared talks to the cops. Seth has overdosed and is being loaded into an ambulance.

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