Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b, Episode 20

Finding Carter
Featured Artists: Kye Kye


Misterwives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song.

Altitude Music – “All Good Things”
Elizabeth shows up to get Carter at Lori’s house.

The Delta Riggs – “Ornate Delicate Creatures”
Carter and Jared talk at the bar. Carter and Stevie take down the bar stools.

Tolan Shaw – “Eyes”
Carter cuts lemons and talks to Bird from behind the bar.

AM & Shawn Lee – “Nightshine”
Carter and Bird visit Sarah’s clothing store.

Carousel – “We Are the Dream”
Carter and Bird leave Sarah’s clothing store and talk about Jared’s ex.

Kye Kye – “People”
Taylor and Max talk in Taylor’s room. Taylor, Max and Grant decide to go to Max’s.

Altitude – “Blaze”
Seth is nervous about a promoter coming to the party.

Tut Tut Child ft. Augustus Ghost – “The Last Time”
Carter facetimes with Crash.

Mikey Wax – “Walking On Air”
Taylor, Max and Grant play a game at Max’s and decide to get fast food.

Five Knives – “Oblivion
A crowd dances to the music at the rave. Carter tells Jared she’s worried about the number of people attending.

Amillion Cash – “Lose Control”
A crowd dances to the music at the rave. A fight breaks out between a few people, and Jared tells them to leave.

AM & Shawn Lee – “Somebody Like You”
Taylor and Max talk in the car on their way home from grabbing food.

Krysta Youngs – “One Life”
Sarah shows up at the rave.

Five Knives – “Criminal”
A crowd dances to the music at the rave. Sarah arrives and talks to Jared and Carter.

Xseries – “Dead Head”
Grant is high on the pot cookies.

Altitude – “Become One”
Bird meets the promoter, Elliot.

Lemarvin Harris – “I Wanna Party”
A crowd dances to the music at the rave. Bird meets Elliot.

Xseries – “Acid Test”
Grandparents show up and find Grant still high on cookies.

Natalie Taylor – “Keys To The City”
A crowd dances to the music at the rave. Carter apologizes to Jared and asks about Sarah’s side of the story. The police arrive.

Astronauts, etc. – “Fuss”
Bird and Seth talk to Elliot after the rave.

Foreign Dog – “So Very Long”
Jared shows up to prove his side of the story to Carter, they kiss. Bird and Seth dream about NY and kiss while driving.

Golden Grove – “With You”
Liz and Joan talk in the Wilson’s kitchen. Max and Taylor lie in bed together. Max gets a message on his phone. Carter arrives at Jared’s, they kiss.

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