Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b, Episode 19

Finding Carter
Featured Artists: Saint Motel


Misterwives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song.

Kari Kimmel – “Nothing Left to Lose”
Carter and Liz talk in the kitchen.

BEGINNERS – “What We Are”
Carter goes to work at the bar and talks to Jared about Liz.

Author – “Forget”
Max and Taylor lie in bed at Max’s apartment. Max tells Taylor about his dad.

Street Joy – “Same As Me”
Carter and Jared talk behind the bar about their plans for the evening.

Xseries – “Drink Up”
Carter invites Lori to the barbecue.

Secret Wonder – “Together In the End”
Bird can’t climax with men. Carter tells Taylor that Lori is coming to the party

Clementine & The Galaxy – “Black Night”
Max is doing handy work in the basement when Gabe comes down. Max and Gabe fight.

Rivvrs – “I Will Follow You”
The BBQ kicks off at the bar, and everyone grabs food and chats.

The Everlove – “Where Will We Go”
Taylor sends a text and gives Seth advice about Bird.

Cape Lion – “Called You Mine”
Carter sits with Jared at the BBQ. Taylor talks to Lori.

Glowtape – “Interstellar”
Seth and Bird sneak off to the back office of the bar to hook up. Carter and Jared give toasts at the BBQ.

Sleep Machine – “Animal High”
Seth and Bird talk about their sex life.

Aron Wright – “Don’t Question My Love”
Jared answers Carter’s questions about his past.

My Double, My Brother – “Watch Them Fade Away”
Taylor has a cup of coffee and talks to Liz in the kitchen.

Valaska – “Espejismo”
Gabe and Max talk at the courthouse.

Saint Motel – “Ace In The Hole”
Seth and Bird lie under the covers after having sex.

Honora – “Tearing Us Apart”
Carter and Liz talk in David’s office.

Violents ft. Annie Williams – “Evergreens”
Carter and Liz talk in David’s office. Carter goes to Lori’s apartment.

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