Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b, Episode 18

Finding Carter
Featured Artists: The Knocks & Vinyl Theatre


Misterwives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song.

George Arthur – “Let You Down”
Liz, Taylor and Carter talk in the kitchen in the morning.

Jerome Holloway – “They Do”
Gabe comes over and studies with Taylor in her room.

Sleep Machine – “Stone”
Carter and Jared kiss in the office at the bar. Ben borrows Carter’s car.

League – “Hyperflowers”
Taylor, Max and Gabe arrive at the music venue.

Tremble – “Illumination”
Carter and Jared talk about their plans in the office.

Lemon Sun – “If You Can Explain”
Ben and Olivia join the group. Seth has drinks, but Olivia and Taylor decline.

RICTOR – “What Do You Want”
Carter arrives at the house concert and tells her life story to get in.

The Knocks ft. Powers – “Classic”
The barn stage area is crowded with people listening to The Knocks perform “Classic.”

Vinyl Theatre – “If You Say So”
Bird, Seth, Max, Gabe and Damon are having a blast as Vinyl Theatre plays “If You Say So.”

Vinyl Theatre – “Stay”
Max asks Damon about the college trip. Damon says he should talk to Taylor.

Guster – “Kid Dreams”
Reagan, Grant and Elizabeth paint and work together in the basement.

Raphael Lake – “Follow Me”
Max tries to talk to Taylor, but she says nothing happened on the tour.

XSeries – “Be Just Fine”
Max continues to talk to Taylor.

Radiant Life Perspective – “There to Stay”
Reagan and Grant paint in the basement. Carter goes into the bedroom and sees memorabilia from her
childhood. Carter and Lori talk.

Vinyl Theatre – “Gold”
Max sees Taylor and Gabe dancing together. Taylor runs after Max to Gabe’s dismay.

Act As If – “It’s That Simple”
Carter sees that Jared has set up dinner with candles and flowers.

Eric Arjes – “Find My Way Back”
Grant and Reagan share their first kiss.

Bird – “Midnight Train to Georgia”
Bird sings while someone plays guitar near the fire.

Fleurie – “Wildwood”
Carter wakes up at Jared’s. He brings her coffee in bed and they kiss. Then she gets home and climbs into her own bed.

Golden State – “Gravity”
Ben stops by the Wilsons’ to talk to Carter. Liz sees them talking from inside the house.

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