Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b, Episode 17

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Colours


Misterwives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song.

Emilie Brandt – “Human”
Carter talks to Jared at the bar, cleans tables, and catches Ben tampering with the credit card machine.

Robyn Sherwell – “Love Somebody”
Carter catches Ben tampering with the credit card machine at the bar and is warned not to tell anyone about it. Taylor packs for a weekend trip and talks to Max.

The Old States ft. Trev – “Here We Go”
Carter informs Jared that someone has stolen from the bar; Ben finds out.

Eleanor Dunlop – “Waiting”
Jared thanks Carter. Elizabeth arrives at the bar.

Colours – “Slow”
Elizabeth confronts Carter & Jared at the bar.

Usonia – “Damage Control”
The gang discusses their college weekend plans.

Dutch Party – “Howl”
High school students take a tour of a college campus.

Halfbluud – “Low Light”
Carter and Ben talk at a diner.

Clementine & The Galaxy – “Breathless”
Carter, Bird and Seth talk at a bar and make plans for a party.

HLM ft. Jaycal – “Let the Champagne Spill”
Taylor and Gabe enter a college fraternity party and grab drinks.

Joshua Welton – “Let Go!”
Taylor and Gabe enjoy hanging out. Damon lies about snowboarding prowess.

Soul Mechanix – “You Do It To Me”
Carter loses party location, Jared shuts down the whole thing.

Moneypenny – “Sonic Youth”
Taylor and Ned talk and drink at a fraternity party.

Jon Howard ft. Aaron Gillespie – “Now Way Out”
Gabe wonders where Taylor went.  Taylor has been drugged and is taken upstairs to a bedroom at the party. Taylor’s nearly assaulted.

SAFFAREX – “Pasha”
Gabe beats up a college frat guy at a party.

The Old States ft. Trev – “Here We Go”
Stevie tries to help Carter get over Jared.

Dirty Dirty – “Under Attack”
Carter and Jared talk about Stevie being untrustworthy.

Saint Motel – “Cold Cold Man”
Carter and Ben talk at the diner, again.

Natalie Taylor – “Surrender”
Carter and Elizabeth have a heart-to-heart over waitressing. Gabe and Taylor talk in the car about what happened at the party. Carter and Jared meet for coffee and decide to get back together.

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