Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b, Episode 15

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Jackie Young


Misterwives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song.

Bows – “Mechanical Man”
Carter leaves a voicemail for Ben and talks to Taylor.

Act As If – “Talk to God”
Ben talks to Taylor at her locker. She invites him to dinner.

Alek Fin – “Gone”
Carter gets out of her car at the high school, looks for Ben, and makes a phone call. She spots the Ben and follows him in her car.

Arch Leaves ft. Randy Coleman – “Nowhere to Go”
Carter tails Ben almost causing an accident.

Phillip LaRue – “Sweet Love”
Taylor and Max talk at Max’s apartment. Taylor asks Max to hang out with Gabe.

Secret Colours – “Heavy & Steady”
Carter has a drink at the bar and tells Jared about Ben.

Bad Bad Hats – “Psychic Reader”
The Wilson family and Ben chat over dinner.

The Franklin Electric – “Strongest Man”
Ben and David talk in David’s office.

Canyon Crew (formerly known as Giacomo Picasso + Jackson Allen) – “Overload”
Max and Gabe play pool. Max tells Gabe they are all there for him.

Ivan and the Parazol – “Don’t Wanna Die”
Gabe sees a text on Max’s phone from Taylor. Gabe leaves.

Allman Brown – “Don’t Let Me Go”
Liz and David talk in David’s office.

Anthem Academy – “You Never Know”
Jared is concerned about Carter and tries to comfort her.Gabe stops by the Wilsons’ house. Carter goes to work. David talks to Grant in Grant’s room.

Jackie Young – “Get Away With It”
Carter and Jared take shots at the bar.

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