Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b, Episode 14

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Madi Diaz

Madi - Press Photo 4

Misterwives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song.

Zachary Kibbee – “Readin’ Your Will”
Carter gets customer service tips and job advice from Jared.

Way Way Okay! – “Already Free (Live It Up)”
Carter goes through the motions of her new routine: going to work, ditching school, changing clothes and hanging out with Crash.

Author – “Wander”
Carter and Crash talk about their future together.

Olde Future – “Big Time”
Gabe and Ben walk through the halls of the high school.

Highly Suspect – “Bath Salts”
Gabe and Ben peel out of the high school parking lot in Gabe’s car.

The Pocket Rockets – “Somewhere We Can Be Alone”
Ben is dropped off back at school after taking a joyride with Gabe.

Widowspeak – “Borrowed World”
Max and Taylor ride in the car and talk about Gabe and plans for their anniversary.

RICTOR – “You and I Make The Light”
Carter, Jared and Stevie discuss dealing with rude customers.

Genevieve – “Colors”
Carter tells a few rude customers to give Stevie a break. She walks away carrying a tray.

John Marek – “Fool”
Stevie and Jared congratulate Carter on a great shift.

Abstract Future – “Nothing to Lose”
Crash picks up Carter in a bad neighborhood.

Vinyl Pinups – “Starting Something”
Carter and Crash talk in the car and kiss.

The Golden Age – “High Noon”
Max and Taylor celebrate their anniversary over bad dinner.

The Soft White Sixties – “Knock It Loose”
Carter mishandles an order at the bar. Gabe and Ben visit her at the bar. Gabe is kicked out for being drunk.

Boom Forest – “Been”
Gabe is kicked out of the bar. Max and Taylor are making out when Taylor’s phone rings.

Mainland – “Beggars”
Carter and Crash sit in the car and talk about moving away together.

Leeuw – “Water”
Carter cleans up the bar. Max tells Taylor that he thinks Gabe has feelings for her.

Madi Diaz – “Ashes”
Carter and Crash talk about the future of their relationship.

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