Music From Finding Carter: Season 2 Premiere

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Natalie Taylor

natalie taylor

MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Natalie Taylor – “Keep It Quiet”
Carter has a dream/flashback to her childhood and wakes up afraid

Escapists – “Eyes”
Max and Taylor sit together and talk

Natalie Taylor – “Keep It Quiet”
Carter remembers Lori taking her

Hotel Art – “Strangers”
Carter is chased through traffic and taken to the ground

Natalie Taylor – “Keep It Quiet”
Taylor has a flashback to Carter’s abduction when they were three years old

High Highs – “Movement”
The Wilson family talks at the police station

Kid Runner – “Gold Teeth”
The Wilson family returns home, cooks dinner and discusses recent events

The Mary Dream – “Save You”
Max and Taylor say goodnight, David reassures Liz everything is going to be ok, Carter and Taylor stay the night together

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