Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, Episode 9

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Air Traffic Controller


MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Darkness Falls – “Hazy”
Elizabeth and David talk over coffee. Carter gets off the phone. Taylor and Carter talk in Carter’s room.

Onyay Pheori – “Gone”
Carter rides in the car with Max.

Ophelia – “Lucy”
Carter looks out the window of the truck, has a flashback and holds the letters.

Natalie Walker – “Skywalker”
Carter reads a letter.

Emily Vaughn – “Hollow”
Madison and Bird talk at Bird’s sanctuary.

Bird – “The Night”
Carter and Max sit in the waiting area. Carter has a flashback. The doctor talks to Carter and Max.

Splash! – “Keep It Going”
Elizabeth, Taylor and Joan arrive at the country club.

Eric Zayne – “Hello Goodbye”
Madison and Bird talk to Damon and Gabe at the country club. Damon and Gabe tend to the guests while Madison and Bird swap stories about their parents.

Amalie Bruun – “Northern Sky”
Elizabeth talks to Gabe at the bar. Taylor asks Madison and Bird if they’ve heard from Carter. Joan comes to Bird’s rescue.

The Pack A.D. – “Rocket”
Madison talks on the phone. David tells Elizabeth and Taylor that Carter is on her way back.

Curtis Peoples – “Afraid”
Kyle gives Gabe advice on women and grabs a couple of beers from the bar.

Air Traffic Controller – “On The Wire”
Song plays during the fashion show.

Fleurie – “All the Lines”
One character starts to cry. Two characters kiss.

Miranda Lee Richards – “Heaven (Comin’ Down)
Elizabeth talks to Taylor about Carter and Lori.

Avila – “Hard Core”
Two female characters talk on the couch and kiss.

Roo & The Howl – “Lay Me Down”
Carter and Taylor talk in the kitchen.

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