Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, Episode 7

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: MisterWives


MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

The Pack A.D. – “Airborne”
Taylor and Carter drive to school.

YNGCULT ft. Tribes – “Let’s Get It Back”
Taylor and Carter talk outside of the car.

Mike Mains & The Branches – “Burn”
Grant eats breakfast. Elizabeth, Kyle and Grant talk. Elizabeth and Kyle leave for work.

Young Liars – “Blooming Hearts”
Carter tells Taylor not to worry. Carter calls Max. Taylor meets Abbie, Damon and Gabe in the gym. Abbie and Gabe leave Taylor and Damon to fold the pamphlets.

Carousel – “Another Day”
Bird asks Taylor and Damon if they’ve seen Abbie. Taylor and Damon talk about the internship program.

Willa – “Stay The Night”
Taylor realizes she forgot the application deadline, then she walks away and takes a pill.

Act As If – “All Our Friends”
Grant plays a game on his phone. Liz confronts Grant about Kyle’s phone. Grant tells Liz about his shrink.

YNGCULT ft. Tribes – “GOHM”
Carter offers to finish the work at the gym for Taylor.

Welshly Arms – “The Touch”
Abbie and Gabe kiss and start undressing when Bird walks in on them.

Tristen – “House Of War”
Gabe finds Bird at her locker and asks her to keep what she saw a secret.

Dutch Party – “Echo Girl”
Carter and a group of students setup the gym. Bird shows up to help.

PUBLIC – “Make You Mine”
Students set up the gym. Bird, Abbie and Gabe talk. Abbie talks to Damon and Carter before leaving. Bird asks Gabe to put himself in her position. Gabe leaves. Taylor works on her essay.

Act As If – “Uh Huh”
Gabe goes to see Abbie.

Hipjoint ft. Sherry St. Germain – “Do It”
Carter and a group of students setup the gym, dance, play cards and drink. Taylor arrives back at the gym. Taylor tells Max and Carter she wants to finish setting up.

Vinyl Hearts – “We’re On Top Of The World”
Carter walks through the expo and talks to Abbie. Taylor looks in the mirror.

Rivvrs – “Hold On”
Taylor and Carter walk through the expo. Taylor apologizes to Bird.

Ajimal – “Air”
Max tells Carter that Taylor deals differently than she would.

James Bay – “Hold Back The River”
Grant, David and Elizabeth talk. Gabe and Bird talk and have a drink at Bird’s sanctuary. Carter looks at the letters.

MisterWives – “Reflections”
Carter and Taylor dance together in Taylor’s room.

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