Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, Episode 5

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: MisterWives


MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Shenna – “Take Your Time (Dream in Color)”
Carter listens to music through her headphones, talks to Ofe and Gabe, and meets with Abbie, Elizabeth, and David.

Ivan & The Parazol – “Baby Blue”
Carter tosses out SAT prep book, talks to Crash at the body shop, and meets Shay.

King Baby James – “New Worlds”
Bird and Max discuss finances in Bird’s sanctuary.

flor – “Ocean”
Carter and Taylor talk about their plans for the evening.

Deer Mother – “Danger”
Ofe picks up Taylor and Grant to go to the fair.

Jeffrey James – “Breakout”
Elizabeth and David talk in the living room. Hillary chimes in.

Grapell – “Shaping My Love”
Carter and Crash talk over dinner. Crash shows Carter the flask he brought.

MisterWives – “Not Your Way”
MisterWives performs at the fair. (Crash pours alcohol into everyone’s snowcones. The gang rides all the rides, plays games, listens to music. Carter confronts Tay.)

MisterWives – “Imagination Infatuation”
The group talks to Abbie at the fair.

MisterWives – “Our Own House”
MisterWives performs at the fair. (Max and Bird talk financials again)

Mixtape – “Hottie Biscotti”
Reagan and Grant at laser tag. Reagan disappears, and Grant has a panic attack.

Nuela Charles – “You Got Me”
Grant finds Reagan.

High Highs – “Glamorous Party”
Taylor and Max walk around the fair. Crash asks Max to cover for him at work. Ofe gives Taylor the stuffed animal he won.

Rivvrs – “Terrified”
Carter and Elizabeth have a heart to heart about Carter’s future. Grant tries to contact Reagan.

Marz Ferrer ft. Elhae – “Alright”
Ofe and Taylor sneak off to the library to hook up before the test. Abbie talks to Gabe. Elizabeth confronts Abbie about what she said to Carter. Crash drops off Carter for the SATs. Crash opens the body shop.

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