Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, Episode 4

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Natalie Taylor

natalie taylor

MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Elephant – “Assembly”
The group of friends makes mixed drinks and hangs out in the kitchen.

Duologue – “Drag & Drop”
Crash and Carter talk outside of Bird’s. Carter gets in her car.

PVRIS – “Holy”
Carter catches Taylor up on the news, then gets a call.

Great Wolf – “What Are You Waiting For”
Carter talks to Bird at school. Ofe sells “study buddies” to a fellow student. Taylor and Ofe talk at the lockers. Allen talks on the phone at a bar.

Wolves ft. Ava – “Ride”
Carter and Liz talk in Liz’s bedroom.

Zachary Kibbee – “All Tied Up”
Carter talks to Crash at the body shop.

Marz Ferrer – “Dreams Of You”
Taylor and Ofe arrive at the party. Taylor talks to Max and Bird.

NUDITY – “Already Dead”
Taylor walks through the backyard of the party where people are dancing, drinking, and doing keg stands. Ofe and Gabe talk to a partygoer about Ofe’s “stash.” Taylor and Ofe talk. Ofe hugs Taylor.

Fire In The Hamptons – “Glitter & Gold”
Taylor hugs Ofe and takes a sip of her drink. Carter walks through the crowd of people dancing and drinking at the party. Carter and Bird talk by the fire.

Young Liars – “Tidal Wave”
Carter and Bird talk by the fire at the party.

Icy Black ft. Leo Soul – “Hold On Baby”
Bird tries to pull Max into the hot tub at the party.

Fire In The Hamptons – “Stargazer”
Two characters walk away from the crowd at the party and make out in a closet.

Natalie Taylor – “Control”
Carter pours a drink at the party, Crash arrives with the money, Carter and Crash talk.

James Bay – “Incomplete”
Hillary drops by the house and asks David to grab a drink. Carter shows up at the body shop, Crash comforts her. Ofe and Taylor talk on the phone. Carter and Crash talk on the couch and make up.

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