Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, FINALE

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Laura Welsh

Laura Welsh

MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Twiceyoung – “Slow Down”
The group of friends eats leftovers and hangs out at Gabe’s. Elizabeth cleans out a desk at the police station and carries the items to her car.

Blonde Summer – “Stay Kids”
The group of friends hangs out at Gabe’s.

Twiceyoung – “Stay the Same”
Gabe asks who’s ready to play videogames. Bird, Max and Madison talk in Bird’s sanctuary.

Madison Gold – “Dream I Hold To”
One character shows another character an apartment. Two characters kiss.

Onyay Pheori – “Fever”
McGovern, Elizabeth, David and Carter talk in the conference room.

Fritz Montana – “Feel It In My Bones”
Damon and Gabe play video games and talk.

Odessa – “I Will Be There”
Two characters talk and make out at the apartment.

Lili Haydn – “This Is a Moment of Grace”
Elizabeth asks Gabe if they can talk.

Handsome Ghost – “Weight Of It All”
David and Elizabeth pick out and put on their outfits for the day. Gabe looks through photos of his family. Madison packs at Bird’s. Gabe goes to Damon’s. Max and Taylor arrive at the courthouse.

Chelsea Lankes – “Down for Whatever”
One character talks to their mom. Two characters talk about one of them leaving while they pack. Two female characters share a kiss.

Laura Welsh – “Ghosts”
A character is called up to the stand, questioned by an attorney, and announces who their biological parents are.

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