Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, Episode 11

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Wildcat! Wildcat!


MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Sweet Talker – “Burn It Up All Night”
Taylor finds a necklace. Max and Carter admit to sleeping together.

The Holy Coast – “The Highest Love”
Two characters kiss and talk about how everything’s going to be now that they are back together.

Big Tree – “Raise The Flag”
Taylor and Carter check their SAT scores online. Elizabeth and David tell them they’re going to dinner. Carter leaves Taylor’s room, sits on the steps, answers the door and hugs the person waiting outside.

Sheare – “Nothing (Nebbra Remix)”
Carter, Taylor and Crash talk.

Belmont Lights – “Come for Me”
Elizabeth leaves Kyle’s house. Carter and Crash talk.

Armon Jay – “Edge of the Dark”
Max makes a toast at dinner. Max talks to Taylor away from the table. Taylor washes up in the bathroom. Taylor talks to Crash on the way back to the table.

Allman Brown – “Ancient Light”
Two characters run through their nightly routine, brushing teeth and talking. They get ready to “go to bed” together. Two characters talk about the fact that one of them slept with someone else. One asks the other for forgiveness. Two characters talk in the bathroom.

Act As If – “Anchored At Sea”
Taylor tells Max about her parents, and admits that she told Crash about Max and Carter.

Wildcat! Wildcat! – “Holloway (Hey, Love)”
Police pursue two armed suspects on foot. There is a physical altercation, and a gun goes off. Someone has been shot. Two characters tend to the victim and seek help.

Joshua Radin – “Worlds Apart”
A character has been shot. Song plays as the ambulance arrives, and the victim is tended to. Everyone waits for an update on the victim’s condition and talks about the shooting. Two characters discuss the future of their relationship.

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