Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, Episode 10

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: VÉRITÉ


MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Emily Hearn – “Waking up Again”
Max practices what he’s going to say to Taylor with Carter in the living room.

Young Liars – “Tiny Creatures”
Grant signs for a delivery. The Wilsons talk in the kitchen.

Carousel – “Let’s Go Home”
Carter suggests to Taylor that they take a trip. Taylor talks to Max in the garage.

Carousel – “My Type”
Carter, Max and Taylor prep for the weekend. Bird, Damon, Gabe and Madison surprise them. Carter and Max talk in the other room. Everyone gets ready to leave.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – “Radar”
Carter, Bird, Damon, Madison and Gabe ride in the car to the cabin. Max and Taylor ride in Max’s truck together. The group arrives and checks out the cabin.

Natalie Taylor – “I Love This Life”
Bird unpacks and asks Madison when she’s going to talk to Carter. They lie next to each other on the couch.

The Pocket Rockets – “MDNGHT”
Gabe and Damon talk about Bird and Madison on the couch.

We The Committee – “Monsters”
Carter and Madison talk in the gazebo.

VÉRITÉ – “Heartbeat”
Madison tells Bird she didn’t talk to Carter yet. Madison reveals the secret to Bird about two of their friends sleeping together.

Amalie Bruun – “Crush”
Elizabeth and Hillary talk over a glass of wine.

Rossi – “Brittle Bones”
Max tells Carter that Madison knows the secret. The group talks over drinks. Gabe and Damon try to figure out what everyone’s keeping from them.

Dead Right! – “Rising Tide (A/J Jackson Remix)”
The group of teens decides to go for a swim.

We The Committee – “Elephants”
The group talks when they get back from swimming.

RICTOR – “Secrets”
Taylor and Max talk on the porch swing.

YNGCULT – “Sides of War”
The group gets ready to head home. Carter and Max talk in the kitchen.

Fraser James – “To The Rain”
Elizabeth and David talk in the kitchen. The group packs up the cars. Taylor finds a necklace.

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