Music from Finding Carter: Season 1, Episode 9

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Active Child


Danny McCarthy, Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry – “Oblivion” “Previously On”

Aidan Hawken, Carina Round, Dan Burns – “Rolling Down” “Previously On”

Misterwives – “Vagabond” Theme Song

Sleep Machine – “Cover Me In Gold” Songs plays in Carter’s room, Elizabeth knocks on the door, Elizabeth goes into Carter’s room with Taylor.

BBGUN – “Heavy” Elizabeth and Carter talk at the coffee shop.

Madi Diaz – “Tomorrow” (Stream the full song here!) Gabe, Ofe, Carter, Taylor, and Bird talk at school. Carter walks with Taylor to the car.

Hillary Hand – “Say Goodbye” David talks to Carter at school. Elizabeth goes through the bag in the kitchen.

Active Child – “Calling in the Name of Love” Max and Taylor talk and kiss at Max’s apartment. Max goes to the store.

Elliot Moss – “Slip” Taylor and Max kiss and talk. Taylor heads out from Max’s.

Fitness – “Make It Red” Bird, Ofe, Crash, and Carter talk at Bird’s studio. Bird gives Ofe a necklace.

JaMiss – “Ladies Who Grind” Taylor sings along to a song, Max shows up, Max and Taylor’s relationship progresses.

Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry – “Fall From Above” Bird’s mom calls for Carter in Bird’s studio.

Drooom – “Red Eyes” Ofe and Crash talk to Bird at Bird’s studio.

Atlantic Line – “Voyage Home” Elizabeth and David go up to Taylor’s room.

Lykke Li – “No Rest For the Wicked” Elizabeth talks to Kyle at the police station. Carter rides in the truck with Crash.

Huw Williams – “Shine So Bright” “Next On”

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