Music From Finding Carter: Season 1, Episode 6

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: MisterWives


Head over to to stream the Finding Carter theme song “Vagabond” and “Coffins”, which is featured in this episode.

Aidan Hawken, Carina Round, Dan Burns – “Rolling Down”
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Danny McCarthy, Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry – “Oblivion”
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Goldheart – “There’s No One Quite Like Me”
Carter and Bird talk about Crash.

Howls – “Feel”
Carter poses as a pizza delivery guy to get Crash to talk to her.

Holly Conlan – “Wasted Time”
Carter tells Crash to take her to his favorite place. Instead, he decides to show her his least favorite place.

Color Radio – “Yellow Jackets”
Taylor visits Max at work and they talk about Gabe.

MisterWives – “Coffins”
Crash takes Carter to an abandoned warehouse where he used to hangout after school unattended.

The Weepies – “Love Doesn’t Last Too Long”
David receives a text from Elizabeth saying she will be home late from work.

Misun – “Coming For You”
Crash talks to Carter and Bird about his potential future plans.

Talos – “Tethered Bones”
Crash and Carter share a conversation about their life dreams.

Rose Hart – “Put Your Hands Up”
Carter and Crash hang out. Carter receives multiple texts from Max.

Weekender – “Fear”
Carter checks her phone, and sees hundreds of texts from Max. Carter and Crash rush to the mini-mart.

Simon Steadman – “Feel Better”
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