Music From Finding Carter: Season 1, Episode 4

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Golden State


Theme Song: “Vagabond” by Misterwives
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Danny McCarthy, Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry“Oblivion”
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The Jezabels“Look of Love”
Art Show – Carter hates the portrait.

Point Bloom – “Only You”
Copies of Carter’s portrait are everywhere.

Jon Howard feat. Natalie Taylor“Nothing To Lose
The bell rings, Gabe stays to help tear down the portrait copies off the wall.

We The Committee
“Start A War”
Mrs. Freed intervenes and breaks up the fight. She tells Bird and Carter to clean up mess.

Labyrinth Ear“Amber”
Kyle lets Elizabeth know that he is available to talk whenever she wants.

of Verona“Centipede”
Bird is sketching Carter, Bird leaves the room for a moment and Carter looks at Bird’s sketch book and to see strange drawings.

Lasse Boman“We Go Out”
The kids (Taylor, Carter, Bird, Gabe, & Ofe) are all having dinner, Max shows up. They all decide to have a slumber party.

Golden State“Take Me Out”
Taylor tells Carter that their mom is going to freak out when she comes home. Elizabeth comes home and is fine with everyone staying.

Courrier“Love Is A Fire”
Taylor asks Max if he would like to help make brownies. Gabe and Ofe are playing black jack, Ofe is giving Gabe advice on his relationship with Carter.

Wildcat! Wildcat!“Hero”
Bird shares a secret with Carter. Max interupts them. Carter is caught off guard by Max.

Jeffrey James “Carry You”
Carter holds a picture of Lori close to her and quietly says “Love you more.”

Danny McCarthy, Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry – “Oblivion”
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of Verona“This Is What It Sounds Like”
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