Music From Finding Carter: Season 1, Episode 3

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Joshua Radin


Theme Song: “Vagabond” by Misterwives
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of Verona –“Better With You”
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of Verona – “This Is What It Sounds Like”
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Simon Steadman & Charlton Pettus – “Yeah Yeah Yeah”
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Aidan Hawken, Carina Round, Dan Burns – “Rolling Down”
Kyle and Elizabeth talk about the Lori Stevens’ case. Elizabeth airs her frustrations. Gabe snaps a photo of Kyle’s laptop with name of possible suspects.

The New Black Tea – “Boom Boom Boom”
Carter is hanging out with Ofe, Bird, and Gabe when Crash, same guy from the police station, arrives.

Nicolay Mondaine feat. Texaz – “Sweet Like Candy”
Max shows up with groceries. Carter and Crash connect on wanting to be with their real Moms. Taylor and Grant huddle in the stairway.

Garrison Starr & AG – “Fool for You      “
Elizabeth tells David that Crash has to leave the house because she’s just arrested him for dealing drugs.

Joy Enriquez – “Unstoppable”
David walks in on Crash teaching Grant how to roll a joint. Elizabeth tells Carter she can’t associate with Crash. Carter kisses Crash in an act of defiance.

Joshua Radin – “One More”
David and Carter enjoy spending time together. David urges Carter to give Elizabeth a chance.

Clueless – “I’ve Been Living”
Gabe, Ofe, and Bird use a police background check website to search for Carter’s mom. They tell Gabe that Carter is into Crash. He’s in denial and shrugs it off as nothing.

Moon & Pollution – “Darkroom Double”
Carter and Gabe continue to search the police databases. They find a hit on one of Lori’s aliases an hour away. They decide to go first thing in the morning.

Emily Hearn – “Gotta Have Him”
Taylor tells Carter that Elizabeth was only pretending to throw Max out last night. Carter realizes she was played and underestimated Elizabeth.

Simon Steadman – “The Lucky One”
Carter and Gabe search for Lori. They meet a landlord at her old apartment building. He tells them she left to go be with her daughter.

Let’s Buy Happiness – “Fresh Hex”
Crash is waiting for Carter in the parking lot. He apologizes for teaching Grant to roll a joint. Crash and Carter cruise around Virginia in a very cool car.

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