Music from Finding Carter: Season 1, Ep. 8

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Young the Giant


Of Verona – “Unique in its Madness”
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Theme Song – Stream it here, and check out this handwritten lyric sheet from the band!

Peter Groenwald feat. Jill Andrews – “Wake Up”
David and Carter talk outside of David’s car. They decide not to wait around any longer and drive away.

Simon Steadman – “Yeah Yeah Yeah”
Elizabeth knocks on Grant’s door and she tries to find out what is wrong.

Young the Giant – “Mind Over Matter”
Taylor visits Max at his apartment. Grant interrupts and has news for Taylor and Max.

Jamie Floyd – “Without A Fight”
Taylor & Carter confront Elizabeth. Taylor walks out of the room, Elizabeth sits on the bed, Carter and Crash talk in Crash’s truck.

Young Summer – “Why Try”
Carter and Taylor sit in Carter’s room and talk about their letters.

The Dear Hunter – “Whisper”
Taylor, Carter, and Grant get ready for school, Taylor and Carter take Grant to school.

Tune-Yards – “Wait for a Minute”
Taylor gets high and entertains. Max takes Taylor out of the situation.

Atlas Road Crew feat. Regina Ferguson& Ben G – “Bottom Of Love”
Song plays in the background of a bar where David is having a drink.

Spain – “The Fighter”
David tells Carter about his dreams and disappointments at the bar.

Rachel Platten – “You’re Safe”
Carter and Elizabeth talk. Carter finds out the truth and goes up to her room.



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