Music from Faking It: Season 3 PREMIERE

Faking It
Featured Artist: Gardens & Villa


Kari Kimmel – “One In A Million”
Last Season On

El Ten Eleven – “Three Sides of a Coin”
Amy says goodbye to her summer fling

Formation – “All The Rest Is Noise”
Lauren is tired of Amy being obsessed with Karma

Gardens & Villa – “Thorn Castles”
Shane & Liam talk about their summers

Fat Freddy’s Drop – “Blackbird”
Amy tells Karma she’s “over her”; Shane & Liam talk

Kajak – “Gold Crowned Eagle”
Karma talks about her tattoo; Liam interrupts Shane

Fat Freddy’s Drop – “Flashback”
Lauren fires her friend-tern

Superhumanoids – “Do You Feel OK?”
Shane & Liam talk about friendship, Karma gets a tattoo, Amy cries & hugs Lauren

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