Music from Faking It: Season 3, Episode 9

Faking It
Featured Artist: Kacy Hill


Apline – “Damn Baby”
Amy & Sabrina makeout in her room

Kacy Hill – “Arm’s Length”
Amy wants to tell Karma about Sabrina. Karma confides in Felix.

Mackintosh Braun – “The City Below”
Karma tells Felix Sabrina is faking it. Amy tells Karma baout her new relationship.

Apline – “Jellyfish”
Shane tells Noah they should slow down, for now

Tourist ft. Lianne Le Havas – “Patterns”
Felix will tell Amy; he & Karma touch hands

Amber Simone – “Violet Light”
Noah & Shane breakup

Haelos – “Cloud Nine”
Sabrina’s been lying

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