Music from Faking It: Season 3, Episode 2

Faking It
Featured Artist: PHASES


Kari Kimmel – “Just The Way”
Zita drops Liam off at school and he tells her about his Bar Mitzvah class

Tessa Rose Jackson – “Stepping Stone”
Karma & Liam talk

PHASES – “I’m In Love With My Life”
Amy & Lauren arrive at the white party and see Karma

Club cheval – “Discipline”
Lauren tells Shane she knows what he’s up to

Jr Jr – “Gone (Robert DeLong Remix)”
Karma & Shane dancing

Classixx ft. Jeppe – “I’ll Get You”
Shane tells Zita the party isn’t really a Bar Mitzvah

The Sweet Serenades – “Never Gonna Stop”
Shane tells Lauren he’s just trying to help and doesn’t want to choose

TOPS – “Anything”
Lauren tells Amy not to apologize

Humans – “Tell Me”
Liam tells Zita he’s sorry and thanks her

Paula Abdul – “Straight Up”
Karma gets DJ to play her & Amy’s song; Zita kisses Karma

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