Music from Faking It: Season 3, Episode 10 SERIES FINALE

Faking It
Featured Artist: XYconstant ft. Tom Aspaul


East Of My Youth – “Mother”
Jumping on the bed

Empress Of – “Hat Trick”
Shane has a gig for the group, Karma knows Liam’s relationship is fake

Gloria Estefan – “Get On Your Feet”
Karma tries to start a roomie dance party

Kacy Hill – “Shades of Blue”
Karma comforts Amy about Sabrina

Bonham – “I Swear To You”
Everyone at NYE party

Funktionslust – “Unstable”
Lauren finds out Lisbeth is the host of the party

Shylde – “Replay”
Karma & Liam talk at NYE party

The Young Punx vs Discosocks – “You’ve Got The Look”
NYE party, Noah’s brother shows up

Warpaint – “Love Is To Die (Sister Bliss Remix)”
NYE party. Karma called Sabrina. Shane understands Noah. Amy’s ready to date

XYconstant ft. Tom Aspaul – “Do It Well”
NYE party. Almost midnight

TALA – “Black Scorpio”
NYE party. Felix kisses Karma

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