Music From Faking It: Season 2, Episode 10 Finale

Faking It
Featured Artist: Glass Animals


Cold War Kids – “Drive Desperate”
Karma rebuffs Amy in the cafeteria

TVÅ – “Die In Me”
Liam art interview

Two Fingers – “Twelvses”
Theo drives up to Juice truck and arrests Karmas parents

Asgeir – “Was There Nothing”
Lauren sees theo finds out he was lying

Seinabo Sey – “Pistols At Dawn”
Lauren Confronts Theo and finds out it wasn’t real

Lowell – “Cloud 69”
Karma and Liam get back together and make out

Glass Animals – “Gooey (Gilligan Moss Remix)”
Karma dreaming Amy is with Liam and that she is with Amy

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