Music From Eye Candy: Season 1, Episode 3

Eye Candy
Featured Artist: PVRIS


Miakoda – “In My Head”
Mrs. Becker gets bad news

Moon & Pollution – “Solace Sandwich”
Sophia and Lindy talk about being watch by the NYPD

PVRIS – “Holy”
Lindy and Sophia drink tea. Jake calls…

Celldweller – “End of an Empire”
Lindy confronts Connor at Krav Maga

Night Riots – “Spiders”
Lindy walks home and is confronted by Tommy

Lizi Kay – “Do You Like What You See”
The birthday party starts

DLFX – “Keep on Talking”
Lindy does shots; Tommy has to leave

Kyla La Grange – “Fly”
Lindy blows out candles & spots Jake at the party

The Dirty Tees – “Never Die”
Conor and Sophia talk in the hallway

MYPET – “Make It”
Lindy starts freaking out

Dane O – “New Kicks (Baan’s Fierce Tiger Gonna Kill Me remix)”
Sophia looks for Lindy; Tommy pulls a gun on Jake

Raign – “Raise the Dead”
Lindy wakes up; Hunter kills…

Ben Howard – “Black Flies (Nixon Remix)”
Lindy and Tommy discuss the previous night’s events.

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