Music From Eye Candy: Season 1, Episode 2

Eye Candy
Featured Artist: Magic Man

magic man

Adventure Club ft. Krewella – “Rise & Fall”
Lindy is dancing at IRL and runs into Reiss

of Verona – “Feeling So Good”
Lindy meets Catharine at the coffee shop

Moon and Pollution – “The Lonely Quiet”
Jake cooks for Lindy

Mount Saint – “New Age”
Sophia, Connor, and Lindy run to the bathroom

Magic Man  – “Paris”
Everyone’s having dinner together

Wild Party – “Walkin”
The night is ending; Jake’s cab arrives

Moon and Pollution – “Alter Eagle” (inst)
Tommy and Catharine talk about Lindy

RHODES – “Your Soul”
Lindy looks at Ben’s desk in the cyber unit

Moon and Pollution – “Darkroom Double”
Lindy and Reiss go on their date

Breton – “Parthian Shot”
Reiss and Lindy are in a junk yard

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