Music from Death Valley Episode 9

(artist: Dead Confederate)

Death ValleyAirdate: October 31, 2011

The Measels – They’re Coming For Us

(Theme Song)

Dead Confederate – Mob Scene

(scene: Show open with John and Carla approaching the office building)

Mark Fain – Blaster

(scene: Carla and John push past the guards)

Non Ultra Joy – Hold On

(scene: Act Open. Establishing shot of the precinct)

The Goldstars – D.M.V.

(scene: Act Open. Establishing shot of the precinct)

Heavy Young Heathens – Eli Cash

(scene: Carla tells John John she is gay)

Heavy Young Heathens – Big Boy Pants

(scene: UTF Cruise drives by diner sign)

The New Rags – Your Room

(scene: Dashell Puts his Jacket on)

Apex Manor – Teenage Blood

(scene: Stubeck and Billy see a real zombie)

Heavy Young Heathens – Window Pain

(scene: Act Open/ Dashell drives UTF Cruiser)

Heavy Young Heathens – Break Neck

(scene: Dashell picks Rico up from the ground)

The Radishes – Never Get Enough

(scene: Glad about breakfast)

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