Music from Death Valley Episode 6

(Featured Artist: Heavy Young Heathens)

Death Valley Airdate: October 3, 2011

The Measels – They’re Coming for Us

(scene: Theme Song)

The Franks – Cough it Up

(scene: Carla, John-John, and Ribbings respond)

Heavy Young Heathens – The Lonely

(scene: UTF precinct establishing shot)

Styrofoam Ones – O.T.T.A.P.

(scene: Dashell says Kristin’s name right)

Wavves – Post Acid

(scene: The guys chase zombies around in the parking lot)

Heavy Young Heathens – Sixteen Millimeter Shrine

(scene: Zombie gets stuck under the car)

Heavy Young Heathens – Where is Everybody

(scene: Ambient party music)

Danko Jones – Active Volcanoes

(scene: Stubeck takes off his shirt)

Leah Siegel – The Water

(scene: Stubeck and the guys drive off in the patrol car)

Supraload – I See you Now

(scene: Ribbings ask to be killed after he is bitten by a zombie)

Veronique Van Pelt – Cross my Heart

(scene: Vampire tuning ceremony (vamp violence)

Heavy Young Heathens – Like a Serenade

(scene: Partygoers clap after the turning)

The Measels – They’re Coming for Us

(End Credits)

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