Music from Death Valley Episode 2

(artist: Heavy Young Heathens – photo by: Leon Gazarian)

Death Valley – Airdate: September 5, 2011

The Measels – They’re Coming for Us

(Theme Song)

Bill Harvey – The Bringdown

(scene: Act open, Billy and Stubeck are eating)

Christian & the 2120’s – It Ain’t Cool

(scene: Werewolf gets arrested)

Heavy Young Heathens – The Whole Truth

(scene: Let’s get out there and kill something)

Rumspringa – Witch’s Milk

(scene: Dashell threatens punching bag)

Heavy Young Heathens – Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up

(scene: Act Open)
The Willowz – Put Together
(scene: Big Fat Weenie in the Car)
Heavy Young Heathens – Jackie Come Lately
(scene: Officer quips “The just look gay”)
Bullet & Snowfox – Supergirl
(scene: Rat Chasing scene)
The Measels – They’re Coming for Us
(scene: Show Ends, Next On)
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