Music From Death Valley Episode 1

(artist: Rumspringa)

Death ValleyAirdate: August 29, 2011

The Measels – They’re Coming For Us

(Theme Song)

Rumspringa – Witches Milk

(scene: Montage of Van Nuys)

Above Envy – Beat Me

(scene: Montage/after Malibu chat)

The Willowz – Ulcer Soul

(scene: Billy & Stubeck raid motel)

Pretty Whores – Part of the Scene

(scene: Establishing shot of the Pink Motel)

Flash Lightnin’ – Tripped and Fell

(scene: Montage of monsters in Valley after the motel scene)

The Willowz – Meet Your Demise

(scene: Montage of North Hollywood)

Winnebago Deal – Poison

(scene: continuation of North Hollywood montage

Lights On – We Live Underground

(scene: Stubeck arrives in the forest)

The Measels – They’re Coming For Us


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