Music from Chelsea Settles Season Premiere

(artist: Margo May)

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Chelsea SettlesAirdate: October 11, 2011

Ingrid Michaelson – Be OK

(Theme Song)

Asia Whiteacre – Bad For You

(scene: Chelsea helps customer pick out clothes during her shift at a retail store)

Donora – Shhh (Remix)

(scene: Chelsea visits medical center to discuss losing weight with doctor)

Regina Spektor – Us

(scene: Chelsea discusses weight issues with her doctor)

Seryn – So, Within

(scene: In an effort to change her lifestyle, Chelsea rids her house of all junk food)

Molly Marlette – Cause for Concern

(scene: Chelsea brings her laundry to a laundry mat with her grandmother)

Doubting Paris – Three Sides Reverse

(scene: Chelsea and her mother discuss Chelsea’s future)

Donora – Photograph

(scene: Chelsea reflects on her relationship with her boyfriend Rory)

Florence + The Machine – Dog Days are Over

(scene: Chelsea realizes her boyfriend can’t make her decisions for her, takes matters into her own hands)

Midi Mafia – Last Call

(scene: Chelsea attempts to go to a club for her friend’s birthday)

Margo May – Blue Shoes

(scene: Chelsea walks through her town and reflects on why she’s depressed)

Cold War Kids – Out of the Wilderness

(scene: Chelsea sits atop a mountain and has a breakthrough that she must take the difficult steps to make change in her life)

Lucy Schwartz – Life in Letters

(scene: Chelsea meets with truck driver who will bring her car out to LA)

Shadow Shadow Shade – Did Not The Lights Go Out For You

(scene: Chelsea rides to the airport to head to LA with a mix of excitement and fear)

The Blue Pages – Keep Me Dreaming

(scene: Next On – What’s to come on Chelsea Settles this season)

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