Music from Chelsea Settles Episode 8

(artist: Joe Gil)

Chelsea SettlesAirdate: November 22, 2011

Ingrid Michaelson – Be Ok

(Theme Song)

The Decemberists – Don’t Carry It All

(scene: Chelsea arrives at the retreat center, external shots of the beautiful scenery as she approaches)

The Village Green – Chomping at the Bit

(scene: Chelsea meets the girls she will share a room with at the retreat)

Amber Rubarth – Good Mystery

(scene: The girls on the retreat share a meal and share stories of weight loss)

Guster – This Could All Be Yours

(scene: Chelsea and her fellow retreat members spend the day growing in confidence and strength through hiking, stretching, and various team building and self-esteem exercises)

Alexi Murdoch – At Your Door

(scene: Chelsea and fellow retreat members sit around the campfire and get ready for a group therapy session)

Choir of Young Believers – Hollow Talk

(scene: Chelsea sits around campfire during retreat and recounts first traumatic experience related to her weight to the group)

Jasmine Ash – Too Calm

(scene: During the retreat, Chelsea takes the time to reflect and write in a journal about what she thinks has been holding her back in life)

Paper Route – Dance on Our Graves

(scene: Chelsea sits with counselor and reads aloud reflections on her life she had written in her diary. This is a very emotional scene)

Joe Gil – Woodblock

(scene: Chelsea has a breakthrough moment with her counselor)

Kyle Andrews – Bigger

(scene: Chelsea feels really good about herself after speaking her mind at the retreat dinner and encouraging the other girls to be more positive)

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