Music from Chelsea Settles Episode 6

(artist: Lissie)

Chelsea SettlesAirdate: November 15, 2011

Ingrid Michaelson – Be Ok

(Theme Song)

Bastille – Flaws

(scene: Chelsea and her trainer dissect the contents of her refrigerator in attempt to get on track with a diet plan)

Graffiti6 – Over You

(scene: Chelsea video chats with her boyfriend in Afghanistan)

Nathan Mathes – Familiar Tune

(scene: Chelsea comes home, sits down to chat with her roommate Jenna)

Holly Miranda – Sleep on Fire

(scene: Chelsea has an argument with her roommate Jenna and storms off to reflect on it in her bedroom)

Jessica Lea Mayfield – Our Hearts Are Wrong

(scene: Chelsea vents to her trainer about problems with Jenna as they walk through the LA hills)

Vinnie Ferra – It Hurt To Be Hard

(scene: Chelsea wakes up and faces her roommate after awkward fight)

Art vs Science – Before You Came To This Place

(scene: Chelsea plays video games with her friends)

Lord Huron – Son of a Gun

(scene: Chelsea steps out of her comfort zone and goes out to a friend’s show at a comedy club, all the while reflecting on the problems she’s currently dealing with)

Lissie – Worried About

(scene: Chelsea returns home from a night out, realizes she wants to patch things up with Jenna)

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