Music from Chelsea Settles Episode 5

(artist: Army Navy)

Chelsea SettlesAirdate: November 8, 2011

Ingrid Michaelson – Be Ok


Beth Thornley – A-Z

(scene: Chelsea shows up to her first day of work at her new job)

Army Navy – My Thin Sides

(scene: Chelsea and her roommate Jenna light-heartedly exercise together along the boardwalk on Venice Beach)

The Farewell Circuit – Like a House on Fire

(scene: Chelsea heads to the gym to meet with her trainer for first time)

Lucy Schwartz – Gone Away

(scene: Chelsea and her trainer discuss issues and weight loss goals)

Luke Reynolds – One Step at a Time

(scene: Chelsea leaves gym after first meeting with her trainer, reflects on changes she needs to make)

Nathan Mathes – Right Where It Should Be

(scene: Chelsea gets dressed to meet her trainer for her first work out session)

Andrea Ball -Bright Side

(scene: Chelsea and her trainer overlook LA after a hard workout)

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