Music from Chelsea Settles Episode 3

(artist: The Sea Of Cortez)

Chelsea SettlesAirdate: October 25, 2011

Ingrid Michaelson – Be Ok

(Theme Song)

Jake Troth – Material Things

(scene: Chelsea shops for things to put in her new apartment)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age

(scene: Chelsea hits the LA boutiques looking for a job)

The Static Jacks – My Parents Lied

(scene: Chelsea hands our her resumes to different boutiques in LA)

The Paper Raincoat – Safe In The Sound

(scene: Chelsea talks to her roommate Jenna about the job search)

The Sea of Cortez – The Shores

(scene: Jenna encourages Chelsea not to get discouraged, to keep at the job search)

Jon O’Shaughnessy – 3 33

(scene: Chelsea packs up to head home to see her sick mom)

Beth Thornley – Bones

(scene: Chelsea drives to the hospital to see her mom after her surgery)

Act As If – Be There (Where Is Truth)

(scene: Chelsea visits her mother in the hospital)

Lucy Schwartz – Goneaway

(scene: Chelsea talks with her aunt and cousin about her mom’s illness)

Sara Jackson-Holman – Into The Blue

(scene: Chelsea returns to LA, talks to Jenna about how she’s feeling)

Kina Grannis – World In Front of Me

(scene: Chelsea tells Jenna she’s ready to get back to looking for a job)

Lord Huron – We Went Wild

(scene: Chelsea continues to hand out resumes at boutiques looking for a job)

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