Music From Chelsea Settles Episode 11

(artist: The Narrative)

Chelsea SettlesAirdate: November 29, 2011

Ingrid Michaelson – Be Ok

(Theme Song)

Gold Motel – Safe in LA

(scene: Chelsea impresses her boss by choosing a perfect location for their pop-up event, and keeps the momentum going by planning some further details)

Madi Diaz – Nothing At All

(scene: Chelsea and her coworkers sit around and sample delicious cupcakes to choose for their upcoming event)

Donora – I Think I Like You

(scene: Chelsea looks on smiling as models strut the catwalk during poolside fashion show)

The Bicycles – Oh No, It’s Love

(scene: Chelsea and her coworkers at The Vanity Room host Marie Antoinette themed pop-up event filled with lots of great clothing, fashionable people, and delicious cupcakes)

The Narrative – The Photographer’s Daughter

(scene: Chelsea talks to her trainer about her plans for the future)

Madi Diaz – Heavy Heart

(scene: Chelsea is annoyed at her roommate Jenna for spilling the beans that she’s moving out of LA, Jenna approaches Chelsea in her room to apologize)

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