Music from Champs Vs. Stars: Season 3: Episode 10

Champs Vs. Stars
Featured Artist: The Score

Lecrae – Sidelines
Louise and Casper try to make up for lost time after starting the final challenge at a disadvantage.

Tommee Profitt – Warriors (ft. Steven Malcolm)
Booby hopes his skills on the basketball court somehow translate to hoverboarding.

INTERNET DAUGHTER & Eytan Tobin – Escape (ft. Teddy Fantum)
Wes and Booby are left with the worst choices in the extreme eating portion of the final challenge.

DJ Brownie – Came To Rage
CT and Tony look to make up lost time on the extreme eating challenge. The other teams start to stall.

Epoch Failure – They Ain’t Talkin’ Now
The teams are all neck and neck as they approach the final leg of the challenge.

The Score – Unstoppable
After a grueling final challenge, CT and Tony claim the Champs Vs. Stars trophy.


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