Music From Catfish: Where Are They Now? and Mid-Season Recap

Catfish: The TV Show

where are they now

Catfish: Where Are They Now? Special Episode tonight at 10/9c!
MTV asked Max what he wanted to do with a full episode of the show and he said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we checked in with some of the catfish and hopefuls from previous seasons to see what they were up to.” During this special episode, Max travels around the country to revisit people who have been on Catfish and finds out what they’ve been up to. Get ready for some drama!

The Bear – “Dark Star”
Max says goodbye to Dani and his mom

Ivan & Alyosha – “Don’t Lose Your Love”
Jasmine and Mhissy say goodbye, hug and make up

Mid-Season Recap
While we’re all having Catfish withdrawals over the next two months (sad face), here’s a couple of our fave artists from the first half of the season to keep you company! We also included some snackable info about each artist we thought you might enjoy. Let’s kick this off right with our #WCW & our Season 4 featured artist, the one and only Halsey!! GIF to know Halsey and check out her awesome performance of “Ghost” at MTV HQ in this exclusive MTV News piece


Halsey – “Is There Somewhere” (Episode 405) & “Trouble – Stripped” (Episode 409)
I’m sure most of you are already familiar with fan fave Halsey! You’ve heard her songs “Is There Somewhere” in Ep. 405 and “Trouble” in Ep. 409. She will be supporting Imagine Dragons on their Smoke and Mirrors Tour this summer, and she is expected to release her debut album, Badlands, in August 2015. We can’t wait! Be sure to keep an ear out for her in the second half of the season 😉

Charlotte OC – “Colour My Heart” (Episode 403)
The talented and gorgeous Charlotte OC released her third EP, Burning, in March, and later on this year, her second album is due to release. You can catch her performing this summer at festivals in NY and in the UK, and she will be performing at Austin City Limits this October.

She Keeps Bees – “Breezy” (Episode 405)
She Keeps Bees has actually had two songs featured this season on Catfish“Breezy” & “Is What It Is”. Both singles are off their latest album Eight Houses released in September 2014. They are currently touring throughout Europe until the end of May.

Zella Day – “Compass” (Episode 407)
Only twenty years old, Zella Day is already making quite the name for herself! According to The Guardian this past August, “she is one of the most blogged-about artists of the year so far.” You can catch her performing at multiple festivals throughout the U.S. this summer, including Hangout Fest, Firefly and Lollapalooza.

George Ezra – “Blame It On Me” (Episode 408)
We can’t get enough of George Ezra‘s amazing voice! “Blame It On Me” is off his debut studio album, Wanted on Voyage, released on June 30, 2014. The album reached number one in the UK and in the top ten in several other countries. He is currently touring throughout Europe, and you can find him back in the states come end of July.

DMA’s – “Delete” (Episode 410)
DMA’s is an emerging Australian group featured on the show, and we recently received some <3 from Stereogum in a post about the band. Their forthcoming self-titled debut EP is out Monday, May 18, and be sure to keep an eye out for them as they tour this summer throughout the U.S.

Clementine & The Galaxy – “Tourist” (Episode 410)
You can find “Tourist” off this Brooklyn pop duo’s second EP, Midnight Machine, which just released in March.

Don’t forget to follow our season-long playlist on Spotify, and we will continue to add songs when Season 4 picks back up on Wednesday, July 8, at 10/9c!! Happy Catfishing!!

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