Music from Catfish: The TV Show Episode 8

Featured Artist: He’s My Brother She’s My Sister | follow: @HMBSMS

Catfish: The TV Show – Airdate: January 14, 2013

Vacationer – Everyone Knows

Kishi Bashi – Chester’s Burst Over the Hamptons

Ha Ha Tonka – Jesusita

Oberhofer – OoOoOo

(Show Open)

The Maccabees  – Went Away

(scene: Nev and Max read Tyler’s email about his online relationship with Amanda)

Andrew Jed – Every Time She Tries

(scene: Nev and Tyler Skype and talk about Tyler’s relationship with Amanda)

You Won’t – Three Car Garage

(scene: Nev and Max head to Michigan to meet Tyler in person)

Donora – I Think I Like You

(scene: Nev and Max meet Tyler in Michigan, Tyler shows them around)

The Royalty – Say The Word

(scene: Tyler shows Max and Nev some of the conversations he has with Amanda online)

Astra Heights – Loose Cannon, Wild Child

(scene: Nev and Max head to meet up with Tyler and his buddies)

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – Let’s Go

(scene: Nev, Max, Tyler and his buddies go fishing)

The Woodlands – Anymore

(scene: Nev talks to Tyler and his buddies about Amanda)

Branches – Conceal Them

Nev and Max begin to research Amanda on the internet.

The Eastern Sea – The Line

(scene: Nev breaks the news to Tyler that Amanda might be a fake profile based on their findings on the internet)

Junkie XL – Summer Mist

(scene: Nev and Max drive Tyler to meet Amanda in person)

White Arrows – Fireworks of the Sea

(scene: Nex and Max race in the pool)

Hannah Georgas – Thick Skin

(scene: Aaron (aka Amanda) apologizes to Tyler to lying to him)

The Deadly Syndrome – Doesn’t Matter

(scene: Tyler, Aaron, Nev, Max, and some of Tyler’s friends sit around and chat then say their goodbyes)

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