Music from Catfish: The TV Show Episode 7

Featured Artist: The Lumineers | follow@TheLumineers

Catfish: The TV Show – Airdate: January 7, 2013

Vacationer – Everyone Knows

Kishi Bashi – Chester’s Burst Over the Hamptons

Ha Ha Tonka – Jesusita

Oberhofer – OoOoOo

(Show Open)

Sean Renner – Winterburn

(scene: Preview of Kari Ann pulling up to Joe’s house to meet for the first time)

The Miracals – Sun

(scene: Nev and Max read e-mail from Joe and video chat with him)

The Lumineers – Big Parade

(scene: Max and Nev Travel to go meet Joe)

Vicious Vicious – Get Ur Gunz

(scene: Nev takes a ride on Joe’s 4-wheeler)

Tan Vampires – Fortunes Wheel

(scene: Joe plays voicemail from Kari Ann to Nev and Max and tells them he wants to meet her)

Driver Side Impact – The Tides That Bind and Break Within

(scene: Nav and Max leave Joe’s house to go do some research on Kari Ann)

Oberhofer – Homebro

(scene: Nev and Max discuss Kari Ann in the car after leaving Joe’s house)

Barbouze – Que and Me

(scene: Nev and Max drive to go meet up with Joe)

Mean Creek – It’s Good to Be Back Again

(scene: Nev, Max, Joe and his friends go in the batting cages)

Stepdad – Will I Ever Dance Again

(scene: Max, Nev, Joe and his friends go go-karting)

Tan Vampires – I Found A Body

(scene: Nev and Max talk to Joe’s parents)

Dan Nigro – I Found You There

(scene: Nev, Max and Joe call Kari Ann while in Joe’s house)

Timothy Shrider – How to Kiss a Dead Girl

(scene: Nev, Max and Joe wait outside of Joe’s house as Kari Ann’s car pulls up)

Kevin Seaton – So Sick of Her

(scene: Rose gets out of the car and begins to explain herself to Joe)

Kevin Seaton – Blip

(scene: Nev and Max go over to Rose’s house to talk with her)

Shinjuku Zulu  – Uneunoia (MTV Real World Mix)

(scene: Rose explains her fake profile to Max and Nev and why she did it)

Tal M. Klein – When the Waves Turn the Minutes to Hours

(scene: Nev asks Rose to choose between real relationships and fake profiles)

The Woodlands – King and Queen

(scene: Rose shows Max and Nev the fake profile for Kari Ann)

A Armada – The Moon Shifts The Sea The Sea Shifts the Shore the Shore Shapes the Sand

(scene: Nev and Max try to convince Rose to delete the fake profiles)

Sean Renner – Seven Colours

(scene: Rose updates her Kari Ann facebook profile to say she is going away for a while and for people not to contact her)

Sean Renner – Blossoms

(scene: Rose meets with Joe to explain herself)

The Woodlands – Can We Stay

(scene: Joe and Rose go and talk with Nev and Max then they leave Rose’s house)

Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know

(scene: Nev and Max drive their car next to Joe is on his 4-wheeler, then video chat update with both him and Rose)

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