Music from Catfish: The TV Show Episode 3

Featured Artist: Sydney Wayser | follow: @SydneyWayser


Catfish: The TV ShowAirdate: November 26, 2012

Vacationer – Everyone Knows

Kishi Bashi – Chester’s Burst Over the Hamptons

Ha Ha Tonka – Jesusita

Oberhofer – OoOoOo

(Show opening montage)

Sydney Wayser – Dream It Up

(scene: Nev and Max Skype with Kim for the first time as she tells them about her online romance with Matt)

The Diamond Light – Dusty Walls

(scene: Nev and Max hop a flight to Michigan to meet Kim in person)

Austin Hartley Leonard – Heroes

(scene: Nev sits down and chats with Kim about what’s going on with her at Matt)

Of Verona – Paint the Pictures

(scene: Kim reveals to Max and Nev that she’s in another relationship)

Snowglobe – Universe

(scene: Kim shows pictures of Matt off of his Facebook profile)

Sean Renner  – Golgotha

(scene: Nev and Max investigate Matt on the internet)

Sean Renner – Stay Back!

(scene: Nev and Max investigate Matt on the internet)

Sean Renner – Yggdrasil

(scene: Nev calls Matt to try and facilitate an in-person meetup between him and Kim)

Bright Moments – Tourists

(scene: Nev tells Kim that Matt has agreed to meet her in person)

The Miracals – Swimming

(scene: Nev, Max, and Kim head to Portland to meet Matt in person)

Shane Alexander – Where Were You

(scene: Matt and Kim sit down in person and talk)

Bowerbirds – In The Yard

(scene: Nev, Max, and Kim head to Matt’s house to meet his family so everyone can sit down and talk)

 The Quiet Celebrations – Over & Out

(scene: Matt and Kim say their goodbyes)

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