Music From Catfish: Season 7, Episode 27

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Julia Jacklin

Elle King – Shame
Nev introduces Elle King.

Tim Legend & Sophie Rose – Favorite Thing
Nev and Elle read Nique’s email about her relationship with Alice.

Dorsal Fins – High Low
Nev and Elle travel to Texas to meet Nique.

Julia Jacklin – Good Guy
Nique reacts after Nev and Elle show her how she may not be talking to who she thinks she is talking to.

Jack River – Ballroom
Nique, Nev and Elle travel from Texas to California in hopes of meeting Alice.

Gia Margaret – Groceries
Nique and Alice finish talking in private after meeting for the first time. Nev, Elle and Nique say goodbye to Alice and leave.

Angelo de Augustine  – Time
Nique and Alice finish talking for a second time and say goodbye.


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