Music From Catfish: Season 7, Episode 18

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Dusted

The Kite String Triangle – Given the Chance
Nev and Max read Nick’s email about his relationship with Jasmine.

Flasher – Who’s Got Time?
Nev and Max travel to Philadelphia to meet up with Nick.

Colyer – Lost in Your Love
Nick explains how he doesn’t think Jasmine’s Snapchat is fake to Nev and Max.

Jet Trash – Until The Sun
Nev and Max get ready to investigate Jasmine.

Dusted – Will Not Disappear
Becca and Derek talk about whether we have a future together.

Audrey Morgan – Desert You
Nev, Max and Nick head to see Nicole in South Jersey.

Fenne Lily – For a While
Nicole runs inside because she is embarrassed about what she did to Nick.


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