Music From Catfish: Season 6, Episode 9

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: The xx


Powers – Sunshine (The Knox Remix)
Nev and Max skype with Ari and she tells them about her relationship with Lanum.

Sweet Spirit – Bat Macumba
Nev and Max travel to meet Ari for the first time.

Jeen – Sirens
Nev and Max message a bunch of Lanum’s friends on Facebook to see if he is a Catfish.

HOLYCHILD – Lying Too ( feat. Tkay Maizda)
Nev, Max and Ari travel to go meet Lanum for the first time.

The xx – Performance
Ari walks back to the car after they meet the Catfish for the first time and begins to cry.

SOHN – Lessons
Nev, Max and Ari drive away after meeting with the Catfish for the second time.

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