Music From Catfish: Season 6, Episode 7

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Charlotte OC


Bassjackers & KSHMR – Extreme feat Sidnie Tipton
Nev and Max read Yasmin’s Grandmother’s email about her grandaughter, Yasmin’s, relationship with Lewis.

Judah & The Lion – Insane
Nex and Max fly to Oklahoma to meet Yasmin and her Grandmother

Quails – High Hopes
Yasmin tells Nev and Max how Lewis helped her through her emotional struggles by being there for her.

The Wind and The Wave – Everybody Knows
Yasmin reacts after Nev tells her he contacted the catfish and the person isn’t sure if they want to meet her

Promises Ltd – American Eyes
Nev, Max and Yasmin travel to go meet the person she’s been talking to

Charlotte OC – Darkest Hour
Yasmin says goodbye to Blue and then leaves with Nev and Max

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