Music From Catfish: Season 6, Episode 18

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Cultfever



Warpaint – Heads Up
Max and Nev read read about Nicole Riot’s story for the first time.

Formation – Back Then
Max and Nev head to meet the real Nicole Riot meet up in Salt Lake City.

The Hot Damns – Say Hello!
Max, Nev and the real Nicole Riot head to Cleveland.

Tatiana – Fade Away
Max and Ryan reveal to Ryan that he has been Catfished.

Cultfever – White Elephants (Boom)
Max, Nev, Nicole Riot and Ryan head to meet the Cleveland Catfish.

Twin Limb – Aine
Max, Nev, Nicole and Ryan part ways from Arica after meeting in the park.

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