Music From Catfish: Season 6, Episode 16

Catfish: The TV Show
Featured Artist: Dana Williams


Moonbeau – Are We In Love Yet
Nev and Max read Robert’s email about his relationship with Ashleigh.

Canyon Spells – Your In My Heart
Robert tells Nev and Max about how he fell in love with Ashleigh.

Bosco Rogers – Googoo
Nev and Max travel to Maryland to meet Robert for the first time.

Jonah Tolchin – Beauty In The Ugliest Of Days
Robert and Max chat about the potential future of Robert’s relationship with Ashleigh.

Leon – Think About You
Ashleigh travels with Nev to meet Robert in Maryland for the first time.

Dana Williams – Fooling Myself
Nev and Max leave Ashleigh and Robert to say goodbye.

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